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La Crosse News 8 explores failed Wisconsin CBD law

WKBT, La Crosse News8000, just did a lengthy report on the failure of the law Wisconsin passed in 2014 legalizing (CBD) cannabidiol, 2013 WISCONSIN ACT 267, “News 8 Investigates: Marijuana as Medicine.”

Channel 8000 looked at the Falks, originally from Sparta Wisconsin. The family has a child with congenital epilepsy. They first moved to Colorado to gain legal access to CBD-rich cannabis oil, then to Rochester, MN, to be closer to family in Wisconsin. Channel 8000 also talked to the Mayo and Gunderson HMOs on their policies toward CBD.

Governor Walker signed a law in April of 2014 allowing for the use of a marijuana derivative called cannabidiol.

However, our investigation found the law isn’t helping patients.

Records filed with the state’s Controlled Substances Board show that since the law was passed, no doctors in Wisconsin have prescribed cannabidiol or CBD to their patients for the treatment of seizures.

Why? Because an amendment added to the bill to get it passed requires physicians to first apply for and carry out an investigational drug trial with the FDA.

It’s a lengthy, rigorous and expensive process that many doctors just aren’t willing to do.

And it’s something the Falk family of Sparta wasn’t willing to wait for.

While Wisconsin families struggle with legal access, there is a bipartisan proposal in both houses that would help overcome some of the barriers to legal access, but providing no means of supply in Wisconsin. On July 31, 2015, State Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine)  introduced Senate Bill 221, the companion bill to AB228, introduced earlier this year, both which would end the requirement for a prescription to possess cannabidiol (CBD) oil in Wisconsin.

AB228 had a public hearing on June 6, 2015. SB221 was referred to the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety where it has yet to see action.

The Sokaogon (Mole Lake) Chippewa are exploring the production of CBD-rich cannabis on Wisconsin tribal lands as we noted in an earlier post.

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