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Sokaogon Chippewa Community working on plan to produce CBD for Wisconsin patients

Along with the Menominee, several other Wisconsin tribes have recently held elections on legalizing cannabis on their reservations. Among them is the Sokaogon Chippewa Community (Mole Lake). On August 8th the Sokaogon Community passed a referendum vote on medical marijuana.

The Milwaukee-Journal reported in their coverage of the Menominee vote that Mole Lake chairman Chris McGeshick said his tribe is looking into making cannabidiol, a marijuana derivative used to treat children with seizures and other medical issues.

Arthur Taggart, Executive Director of The Epilepsy Foundation Heart of Wisconsin reports the tribe has been working diligently to make the project a reality. The tribes first phase of implementation of the recent vote is to provide CBD oil to epilepsy patients in Wisconsin. The Chippewa are exploring ways to work together with clinicians and researchers to study CBD oil and conduct clinical trials.

The Tribe has been working with the United States Attorney General for Eastern Wisconsin and the Wisconsin State Attorney General on the legal issues involved in providing epilepsy patients with CBD oil. Both agencies are working cooperatively with the Sokaogon Chippewa Community. The Epilepsy Foundation supplied the Tribe with an estimate that there may be 1,000 children living with intractable seizures in Wisconsin and many more adults.

In 2014 federal authorities ruled that sovereign Native American tribes have the power to grow/sell marijuana within reservation boundaries if they follow federal guidelines.

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