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NORML kicks off Monona binding pot vote campaign

Madison NORML has scheduled volunteer training sessions and petition signing locations as the group readies its direct legislation campaign in the City of Monona. Sec. 9.20 of Wisconsin statues provides that “a number of electors equal to at least 15% of the votes cast for governor at the last general election in their city or village may sign and file a petition with the city or village clerk requesting that an attached proposed ordinance or resolution, without alteration, either be adopted by the common council or village board or be referred to a vote of the electors.”

Campaigners need to collect a minimum of 719 signatures to place binding legislation on Monona ballots this November which, if passed, would reduce city fines for cannabis possession to $1.00. NORML has set a goal of collecting 1200 signatures with a 60-day campaign set for May 15 to July 13, 2016.

The first training session is set for Monday, May 9, 2016 from 7-9pm at the WilMar Center at 953 Jenifer St. at Brearly St. just south of Williamson St. on the east Side of Madison.

The reverse side of the campaign flyer below lists a number of events where Monona residents can sign petitions:

Monona direct legislation campaign flyer back.
Monona direct legislation campaign flyer back.

Here is the Facebook page for the campaign: Monona “Binding Direct Legislation” for Marijuana possession to be $1.00.

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