Wisconsin city with highest pot fine in state dropped pot fines to $1 in Sept. 2015

While Wisconsin remains mired in cannabis prohibition at the state level, smaller units of government continue to look at easing penalties.

In April 2014, Dane County voters supported legalizing cannabis by a 56% margin. In 2015, Dane County and the City of Milwaukee both lowered fines for casual possession of small amounts of pot.

Also in Dane County, the City of Monona is currently in the process of debating lower pot fines, and while listening to a discussion of possible amendments reducing pot fines to as low as $1 in Monona, we learned that the City of Fitchburg, long known for Dane County’s and Wisconsin’s most expensive pot ticket at $1000 (or as high as $1321 with court costs and fees), quietly dropped fines to $1 plus costs for possession (or $62.26 with court costs and fees) for ages 21+ and $200 (or $313 with costs) for under 21.

Revised Fitchburg ordinance that reduced pot fines from $1000 to $1.
Revised Fitchburg ordinance that reduced pot fines from $1000 to $1.

The revised Fitchburg marijuana possession ordinance, 2015-O-23, took effect Sept. 9, 2015.

The proposal working its way through Monona is undergoing a few more tweaks in committee before going to the City Council. Local law enforcement officials are very supportive and testified in favor at a Wed. night meeting. Meanwhile the Dane County Board is planning to revisit the April 2015 ordinance amendment for additional improvements, Madison may be looking at modifications and the city of Middleton, just west of Madison, is headed in a similar direction as Monona.

Cannabadger will be following these developments closely.

Updated 2016-01-28 at 12:42pm

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