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Cannabadger marks one year anniversary

Today, Cannabadger celebrates our first anniversary and our first year of publication. Cannabadger’s first post was published on March 20, 2015, “Dane County Wisconsin looking at $10 fines for pot possession.”

Over the last 12 months we have published 94 posts covering a wide variety of topics that converge at the intersection of Wisconsin and cannabis. This is the 95th.

Some of the topics we’ve followed include local decriminalization efforts, the progress and lack thereof of state legislation, the effort to pass a workable CBD bill, multiple state tribal efforts to legalize, state cannabis history, state cannabis events, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s statements regarding cannabis legalization, Wisconsin patients with Oregon medical cards, pot arrests at Alpine Valley shows, introduced the term Cannabigotry to readers, exposed a Monona alder for bullying colleagues to oppose local decriminalization efforts and we had a number of scoops along the way.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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