Wisconsin CBD bill close to Assembly floor vote?

With the 2015-2016 Wisconsin legislative session rapidly drawing to a close, there has been activity with the CBD bill. On Wednesday, the Assembly Committee on Children and Families held an executive session to vote on several bills including AB228, the Assembly version of the bill.

According to a tweet posted on TheWheelerReport.com from Rep, Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa), Assembly sponsor of CBD legislation, AB228 was voted out of committee in the executive session:

Tweet from Rep. Scott Krug announcing committee passage. (TheWheelerReport.com)
Tweet from Rep. Scott Krug announcing committee passage. (TheWheelerReport.com)

A Feb. 10 story from Wisconsin Public Radio states that Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) plans to wrap up the Assembly session next week, meaning that AB228 has to be scheduled for a floor vote between now and Feb. 18. Meanwhile, the state senate has no plans to adjourn until March. SB221, the senate version, has already passed committee and is awaiting scheduling.

With strong bipartisan co sponsorship, the CBD bill, if it gets to the floor in each chamber, should easily pass. Legislation rarely reaches the floor that is not assured passage these days.

While passage would make life a little easier for the patients and families who can benefit, there still is no means if supply, which was touched on in a Feb 9 report on WDJT- Milwaukee Channel 58, “Lawmaker Proposes Change That Would Give Sick People Easier Access to CBD Oil.”

According to Channel 58, “But, the attorney general has made it clear, he does not want the product manufactured in this state, leaving those who need it with no legal options.

The article also quotes SB221 sponsor Van Wanggaard:

Senator Van Wanggaard says this isn’t marijuana.

“It doesn’t have a high enough percentage of THC for you to give a high,” said Wanggaard.

And though it’s technically legal in Wisconsin, you still can’t get it here and you still can’t bring it across state lines.

“If it was me, I’d be going to Illinois or Colorado and if I had to I’d move my family, but I think that’s a lot to ask for someone who has built their life here,” he said.

Exactly what the Pletka family from Milwaukee chose to do; moving to Colorado as their daughter Lily struggled with debilitating seizures.

Wanggaard’s proposal would require a doctor’s note instead of a prescription, but even with the note, state to state transport of the drug would still be illegal.

“I can’t see that they’re going to be looking at a parent who had a demonstrated medical need for their child. I can’t imagine any DA prosecuting someone for doing that,” he said.

 AB228 is not on the Assembly Calendar for Thursday, Feb. 11, so if it is scheduled for a vote, it would happen during the final Assembly session days next week.

UPDATE: 2016-02-11 at 6:07pm

Here is the details on the committee vote from the bill’s Record of Committee Proceedings:

February 10, 2016       Executive Session Held

Present:       (12)      Representative Rodriguez; Representatives Gannon, R. Brooks, Vorpagel, Kerkman, Brandtjen, Heaton, Neylon, Duchow, Johnson, Billings and Subeck.

Absent:       (0)        None.

Excused:     (1)        Representative Kahl.

Moved by Representative Vorpagel, seconded by Representative Johnson that Assembly Bill 228 be recommended for passage.

Ayes:     (10)   Representative Rodriguez; Representatives Gannon, R. Brooks, Vorpagel, Kerkman, Brandtjen, Neylon, Duchow, Johnson and Subeck.

Noes:     (2)     Representatives Heaton and Billings.


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