Police cite 62 for pot possession at Alpine Valley Phish concerts

Cannabis leaf (Cannabadger.com)
Cannabis leaf (Cannabadger.com)

The Walworth County Sheriff’s Office, Walworth County Drug Enforcement Unit, and the Wisconsin State Patrol conducted law enforcement efforts in the Alpine Valley Music Theatre vicinity for the two Phish shows August 8-9. Walworth County Sheriff’s officials announced 62 citations were issued over the two days for possession of less than 25 grams of marijuana. There were also 41 tickets issued for possession of drug paraphernalia. Another five were charged with state misdemeanors for possessing cannabis.

Those charged under Walworth County Ordinance 38-32, Possession of Marijuana (Less than 25 grams) typically face a forfeiture amount of $426.50. Violation of County Ordinance 38-34, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, carries a $365.00 fine.

The same agencies also were working the two Dave Matthews Band concerts on July 25-26. Over the two days 71 concertgoers were issued tickets for possession of marijuana, and 31 received tickets for possession of drug paraphernalia.

This year’s totals pale when compared with a pair of shows on August 9-10, 2002 at Alpine Valley featuring “The Other Ones” with members of the Grateful Dead. 269 attendees were cited for minor pot possession and 132 others charged under state law for larger amounts. Walworth County authorities reported 51 pounds of cannabis was seized.

Walworth County sheriff’s officials indicate “similar coordinated law enforcement efforts will take place” during the final concert of the 2015 season at Alpine Valley on August 22 with Jimmy Buffett.

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One thought on “Police cite 62 for pot possession at Alpine Valley Phish concerts”

  1. I was at the first show on Saturday and we were part of this sting operation. A fellow was selling hand made glass chillums. My friend and I both bought one. 40 seconds later, our vehicle was surrounded by undercover hippies. Alpine Valley has been getting less and less shows each year because people are getting sick of this BS that Walworth county deputies are pushing. I think this was my last show I will be seeing at Alpine Valley.

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